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Ariel Wisdom CD(DONA)

Family Focused

I have always been inspired by the strength of women and the miracle of birth. As a fully certified birth doula with DONA, I am proud to serve women and families throughout the Northeast Arkansas area.

Every woman deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy, and remind them that they can trust the strength of their bodies during this time. I’m here to provide unbiased information and emotional support. Please get in touch to find out more.

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Get To Know Ariel

What are your hobbies?

When I'm not homeschooling my two children or doing other work, I enjoy spending time with my pets. I love being with my chickens! As boring as it may sound, I also enjoy putting puzzles together and buying house plants!

Do you have any personal experiences with childbirth?

Yes! Pregnancy was a joy for me. Labor, not so much. I wasn't as educated on childbirth as I wished I was and had an experience that wasn't preferred. Looking back, having a doula during my birth would have been a tremendous help. If you are interested in learning more about my story, I'd be happy to share it personally.

What made you want to become a doula?

A friend's pregnancy and the thought of my sisters & friends having birth trauma that could be prevented with a birth doula. Pregnancy, childbirth, & postpartum stages of a woman's life involve significant life changes. Having the best possible outcome for those times are what matters most to me!

What kind of pets do you have?

Mainly chickens! But I also have two dogs, three cats, five ducks, one rabbit, and several fish.

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