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I can’t recommend having a doula during your pregnancy enough. Ariel provided so much support and encouragement in bringing our baby girl into the world. She quickly became a part of the family. (Amelia has multiple stuffed animals named ”Ariel” now 😁 ) So thankful for this part of our villiage and any family would be lucky to have her on their team!

Whitney Wright


Ariel went absolutely above and beyond for us while we were pregnant with our first baby and during delivery. My delivery did not go as we planned, but still, Ariel was right there with us the entire time for moral and emotional support. She’s continued to check on my family following the delivery of our daughter, she’s given me multiple tips on life after birth and breastfeeding, and she’s also recommended a lactation consultant for me, which I will be using. Ariel was our doula when we met, and now she’s also our dear friend. We definitely will be using again; only positive feedback!

Cloie Junkersfeld


Ariel is an amazing doula & definitely someone you want by your side during your labor & delivery! Since the first conversation, she communicated well and always answered any questions or concerns I had during my pregnancy! I wanted a VBAC and she helped me achieve that! Everything about my birth experience was amazing. I would hire her again and again, but i’m pretty sure we are done having babies haha!!

Shelby Wooldridge


Ariel and I have been friends since we were in the second grade. She been through several of my major life events so when she told me that she was doing a Doula service it was a no brainer that I would want her to be apart of my second pregnancy and to be honest, I had no idea what a doula even was. I didn't know what to think or what was the purpose of this service. Until Ariel started explaining everything to me, she even sent me this awesome folder with questions and information about my pregnancy and birth plans. Again, I've never been the type to think about a birth plan or to even consider things I want during labor. It made me realize that yes, I may be going to the hospital, but this is MY pregnancy and MY money that I am paying to be there. Ariel made me realize this! She was with me from the start and was wonderful the entire time. She checked on me regularly and trust me sometimes it's so nice to hear from someone else who will listen to you complain about being pregnant than getting on someone else's nerve (my husband lol) She gave me great advice and if she didn't know something, like gestational diabetes do's and don'ts, she would research it right then and there. She didn't wait she wanted to give me answers right then and there to help me and not to get worried. During labor she was so encouraging and THERE! literally she was there and never left my side. She got to the hospital at 11:00PM and left around 6:00AM and I made her leave to get some sleep!!!! When my husband and I slept after I had received my epidural, at around 3:00AM she stayed awake just in case I needed her. After she got some sleep, she came back up there and got to hold my little boy My second pregnancy was way harder than my first one, but with ariel there teaching techniques, with breathing and different laboring positions I was able to do most of my laboring at home. Even during this time, she was on facetime with me helping me breathe. What a wonderful service a doula is. I couldn't think of a better person for anyone to use other than Ariel! CHOOSE WOMB WISDOM!!!!!

Anna Concannon


I just cannot recommend Ariel enough. I reached out to her later in my pregnancy, and she was eager to jump in and help us out. She quickly got me information about what she offers as a doula. She met with us to create our birth plan and get to know our family. I felt very comfortable with her quickly; she made it so easy to communicate with her throughout the whole process. She responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had, and she reached out often to see how I was feeling and how appointments were going, to offer advice, etc. She helped coach me through early labor at home. She helped me to decide when it was time to go to the hospital, and she was there within the hour of my arrival (2 AM )! Due to baby’s positioning, I progressed slowly throughout the day, but Ariel was right by my side for the whole thing. She asked questions of the staff, coached breathing, offered suggestions on position changes and natural pain relief, was hands-on with offering massage as well as guiding my husband in how to support me. When it all got overwhelming, she was there to clarify my options and help me make informed decisions. She helped me to feel empowered during even the weakest moments. Ariel has continued to check in with us after birth, continued to offer advice, and has visited us since we brought baby girl home. I’m so glad I don’t know what this birth would have looked like without her!
A doula will be the first thing I recommend to expectant mamas moving forward, and I’m convinced there’s no better recommendation than Ariel! She is the kind, soft-hearted, yet strong person you want by your side during your birth experience

Allie Haughey

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